Learn how to create your own unique

childhood grief support model.  

A recent bereavement survey from New York Life Foundation and the American Federation of Teachers found that more than nine in 10 (93%) teachers reported never having received specific training on the subject of childhood bereavement. This means that while seven in 10 teachers have at least one student in their class(es) who experienced a close personal death within the past year, only seven percent of these teachers have received the training so critical to helping these vulnerable students.
— NewYorkLifeFoundation.org

 As a result of this training,         participants will: 

  • Understand young children’s developmental responses to grief.

  • Identify strategies used to integrate early childhood bereavement support with best teaching practice to improve the quality of care for all children.

  • Express strategies to scaffold child-led grief support.

  • Access local bereavement support network.

Please Note: It is important to help grieving children and families, but unless you are a licensed therapist or mental health provider, you must never try to deliver therapeutic care or intervention for anyone. The intent of all writing, presentations, and training products delivered by Suzanne J. Bayer and suzannejbayer.com is solely to help adults understand childhood grief, so that they may offer nurturing support as lay companions.