These links are arranged thematically to help you easily find what you need to support within your unique setting. 

General Childhood Grief Support Resources


What to do when death impacts your school:

Dougy Center: Death Impacts Your School

Loss and the School and Community

Ways educators help children cope with death:

How Teachers Can Help

Communication: the Heart of the Work

How to talk with children about death:

Fred Rogers: Dealing with Death

Understanding how children grieve:

Developmental Grief Responses

About Childhood Grief

How to support adults and other family members who are grieving: 

I Want to Help Someone Who's Grieving...

Where to find childhood bereavement support networks near you:

National Alliance for Grieving Children Resource Map

Hello Grief Resource Listing

Grief support networking sites to share with teens:

Hello Grief: A Place to Share About Grief and Loss

The Shared Grief Project

Instructional materials supporting social and emotional growth: 

Art with Heart: Books

National bereavement support camps for children:

Comfort Zone Camp

Camp Courage

The Moyer Foundation


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