I teach adults how to create safe places for children to grieve at school.  

1 in 20 children will experience the death of a parent and many more experience the death of a sibling or another significant person in their lives. It matters how teachers and caregivers respond after a death. How can we give a grieving child agency? How do we help prevent isolation? How can we model healthy grief support for bereaved children, families, and classmates? I have a few ideas. 

My work is influenced by the teaching and writing of Dr. Alan Wolfelt and by members of The National Alliance for Grieving Children. 


I promote a child-led (not adult-driven) grief-growth model. Let’s provide an environment where we honor children’s unique responses to death and where they can learn to live and love fully. 

In all my years of college education, teacher training, professional development, workshops, staff meetings, etc. I found that nothing had prepared me for a child in my classroom losing a parent overnight. Suzanne’s presentation made a real difference in the level of support I could offer when a death happened in my classroom community.
— Stephanie Cussans, Kindergarten Teacher