How to Make a Remembrance Collage

 How to make a Remembrance Collage:   (Share widely!) This is a project description of a co-created fabric collage I made with the children and teens at Ele’s Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It spans multiple age ranges and can be done with every community. This collaborative project hung as a backdrop during a Remembrance Ceremony November 2015. It now hangs in the Ele’s Place Shared Space. At the close of the ceremony, everyone gathered around to talk about their piece and their person. It was the most beautiful, loving, inclusive moment imaginable. Individual felt and fabric collage squares honoring their person who died were made weeks ahead during program group meetings, then stitched together to form one collage. The following is the lesson plan used to make this nurturing project happen!


“Create a design that honors or reminds you of your person who died.”

You may wish to describe the project to children and teens this way:

Tonight we’ll be working together to make something a little different. It is a decorated felt square we will sew together to make a collage for our community.  But no worries!! There will be supplies to make one more to take home! 

This project is about remembering something special about your person who died. What was something unique about them? What is something you miss about them? And what can you put on this square that helps you remember your person? 

Everyone will get a felt square to decorate with fabric and glue. You can use the fabric pieces the way they are, or you can cut them into shapes you want. Take time to think about it before you start. You choose what your design will look like, and here are a few made by some people. (Show samples). Yours will be unique and special, and it will not look like this. Only you can choose what your square will look like. 

When the squares are finished, you will leave them with your facilitator, and you will see them again stitched all together in one big wall hanging! “

Facilitators: Each room will get a kit including:

  • 1 felt square for each person
  • scissors
  • glue bottles to share
  • Please know we cannot have names on the squares, to protect the privacy of the participants. 

(Please have another activity available for early finishers!)

-And if you could bring along any extra trays to spread fabric pieces or extra scissors to use in your room that night, it would be very helpful! 

Facilitators, you will have an opportunity to make a square during our briefing meeting. Collect all the squares and extra supplies at the end of the evening for safe keeping! There will also be supplies available the following week for children who were absent and wish to make one.