Finding the Words

How do I put this heartache into words so that a child might understand?

How do I share the unspeakable? 

These are the thoughts running through our heads when we're faced with telling a child about something extremely painful. Although the age of the child and the situation will vary, this I know: 

They want to know the truth and they need to hear it from us. 

Dr. Alan Wolfelt's Finding the Words is the best resource for talking with children about the crisis of death, suicide, homicide, end-of-life, cremation, and funerals available today. You'll find suggested phrases to use as well as a comprehensive and uncomplicated guide to children's grief support. Read and learn the tenets of companioning grieving children, how to help infants and toddlers when someone they love dies, as well as how teens typically respond to grief. You can purchase this excellent resource directly from The Center for Loss bookstore:

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