"Holding Our Children in the Face of Terror"

More and more these days children's grief support is merging with terror. And due to the increasing exposure children have to details about horrific events at home and around the world, our role as supporters and nurturers is growing. I've written repeatedly about protecting children from over-exposure to terror and crisis reporting in the media. We know, due to limited cognition, many children viewing the news coverage following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 thought the twin towers fell over and over again. So they were traumatized over and over again. This can easily happen today. There is an undercurrent of fear in our world. Supporting children appropriately means ensuring they have opportunities to talk about what news they do hear and to ask their own questions. Talk about only what they want to know about, no more, no less. Let the child lead the content, you guide the pace.  

I'm pleased to share this resource to help lift up gentle conversations with children and answer difficult questions about crisis and terrorist activity. Read and promote this beautiful blog presented by SparkeStories.com. 

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This is the excellent advice offered by WYG following the recent terrorist attack in Paris:


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